Custom design

Each walk in acoustic enclosure project has its own specifications and we have the expertise to oversee your project from start to finish.

Specialized enclosure design

Conceptions & Dessins Daniel Inc. (CDD) meets your specific requirements—all while complying with recognized industry standards during each step of its specialized enclosure production.

The objectives are identified at the beginning of the project and achieving them remains our top priority while we complete it.

We achieve your objectives thanks to:

  • Wise choice of raw materials
  • High-calibre structural design for easier, more flexible installation, such as units on piles/stilts or a concrete base
  • Unique, springless anti-vibration system
  • Automated, motorized shutter controls for ventilation
  • Construction quality exceeding industry standards
  • Maximum sound level according to your specifications in a 360° radius up to 7 meters from the outside wall of the cabinet, measured at 1 meter from the ground and at 8 logarithmic points.
  • Reinforced structrual frame
  • Insulated shutters
  • The finished product meets the specifications
  • High-quality, durable finish in a range of colours

Aboveground tank design

CDD has obtained all of its certifications because of the ongoing support and cooperation between its designers, engineers and production team.

These certifications help the company position itself as a supplier of high-quality aboveground tanks. The company’s innovative ways also result in the fact that its products are prominent in the market.

It should be noted that our aboveground tanks are integrated with the specialized acoustic enclosures that we design. We have proven expertise and a very high customer satisfaction rate, with both the private and public sectors in both Canada and the United States. Periodic in-factory inspection of our products also guarantees that our quality standards are maintained.



Highly-specialized, comprehensive installation service.

Whether for aboveground tanks or specialized acoustic enclosures, Conceptions & Dessins Daniel Inc. (CDD) provides comprehensive, highly specialized electrical installation services. A team of highly skilled master electricians perform these services so that the work is done according to applicable standards.



Complete, high-quality installation.

Just like its high-quality aboveground tanks and specialized acoustic enclosures, Conceptions & Dessins Daniel Inc. (CDD) provides a high-quality installation service. In fact, having us install your project gives you the added benefit of our know-how, and this service is completely guaranteed. Know that we will take your concerns to heart and that we will do a complete overview during the final installation.


Turnkey solutions

Our service is of the same high quality as our ingenuity and our know-how.

Our company provides turnkey solutions. You benefit from getting complete support on a project that meets all your needs and all the requirements, in addition to being meticulously carried out by a team of highly qualified professionals.

  • Tanks are tested in the factory
  • Complete installation of components and ground anchors
  • The enclosure is thoroughly inspected before and after delivery
  • Delivered by flatbed with an escort
  • Retouching when required
  • Diligent technical assistance during and after the work

Our warranty is backed by our respect for high standards throughout the entire manufacturing process and project:

  • Approval of all proposals by the required authorities
  • Meets Canadian and American standards; this is mandatory
  • Appropriate choice of materials used to make the final product
  • Rigorous oversight of the assembly and finishing stages
  • Careful supervision of delivery
  • Complete review during final installation
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