Ingenuity, expertise and know‑how

Firm commitments for sustainable, turnkey projects.

For nearly two decades, Conceptions & Dessins Daniel Inc. (CDD) has become highly skilled in the field of acoustic shelter and aboveground tank fabrication for power plants.


Ingenuity. Innovation.

From its beginnings, CDD has understood that it had to stand out in order to be successful in the field of aboveground tank and specialized acoustic enclosures. Imagining effective solutions and then building them while meeting or exceeding project constraints was self-evident. In fact, dealing with constraints is the “norm” for most projects submitted to us. With CDD, you benefit from our expertise as we can provide specific solutions to meet all your needs.


CDD’s has gained expertise over hundreds of projects.

We have completed hundreds of tank and acoustic enclosure projects for hospitals, cities and municipalities as well as for large companies in Canada and the United States. Our ingenuity and know-how have contributed to great successes in terms of respecting the required sound levels and generator fuel capacity.

CDD can optimize your operations and creates specialized industrial equipment to meet your needs. Even though CDD is innovative in acoustic tank and enclosure design, you will see that this vision of taking things further applies to both its customer approach and to the quality of its service.


Improved, forward-thinking designs.

CWB Certification W47.1The CDD team’s know-how translates into our ability to fulfill our commitments, to meet both your project’s techincal requirements as well as the high standards required by Canadian and American insurance laboratories (Underwriters Laboratories Inc., Standard for Safety). As an additional guarantee of quality, CDD is certified by the (CWB - Canadian Welding Bureau).

While CDD stands out today for designing and manufacturing of approved aboveground tanks and acoustic shelters, this same know-how is also applied when designing special, non-standard projects. After completing hundreds of projects over the last two decades, we are able to make the best choices in raw materials, we provide improved and often forward-thinking designs, and our finishing processes are the highest quality. The results are solid

Ingenuity, expertise and know‑how

Each member of the CCD team has these three fundamental strengths.

The company stands out because of this solid foundation and will meet all your needs, whether you have a standard or custom industrial equipment project.

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